About the choir


Amateur mixed choir with professional leadership. A little crazy young team full of enthusiasm.

The ensemble Musica Oeconomica Pragensis was founded in 2001 as one of the free-time activities of students and teachers of University of Economics, Prague. Its first conductor was Mr. Ota Friedl who, after two years of work, handed over his function to the current conductor couple Mrs. Martina Spiritová and Mr. Kryštof Spirit. Nowadays the choir consists of about 45 singers from the ranks of students, graduates or teachers of various Prague Universities. Apart from the representative function for the University, the choir organises a wide range of its own events. The repertoire of the choir is wide, ranging from baroque to contemporary music, however, does not avoid interpretation neither of folk songs nor spirituals or popular music. The choir, often accompanied by prominent soloists and instrumentalists, usually performs in Prague, however, it can be also heard in concerts and festivals in other Czech cities or abroad.

Mixed choir participated twice in an international choir competition Europees muziekfestival voor de jeugd in Belgian Neerpelt, where in 2002 won the 3rd place and in 2004 was awarded the 1st place cum laude. In the same year it won in the category of mixed choirs at the festival Praga Cantat 2004. Since 2006 it has regularly performed with success at the prestigious festival Nekonvenční Žižkovský Podzim. In summer 2008 it was awarded first prize at the Festival of Sacred Music FONS, Žďár nad Sázavou. In September 2011 it won the 2nd place at the festival Europe and its songs in Barcelona, Spain. In 2012 it participated in Sing´n´Joy Vienna, Austria and was awarded by one silver and one gold band. One year later, in 2013 it won the 2nd place at festival Canti Veris Praga and finally in 2014 it won gold band twice at festival Musica Sacra Bratislava, Slovakia.

Successful at home and abroad!