Martina Spiritová


Martina Spiritová has changed many various musical occupations during her professional life, from dramaturgical work to musical theory science activity. She leads with her husband the choir Musica Oeconomica Pragensis since 2002 and she is also an occasional singer. After her maternity leave she started to devote intensively in educating children in music, not only personally by teaching them in classes, but also by providing education to future music teachers and writing interactive books (these days for the International Conservatory Dubai). When producing a music, it is important for her that all the musicians reveal their most hidden talents and never get bored.

Kryštof Spirit

Conductor, artistic leadership

Kryštof Spirit has given his professional life to the classical music as singer, choirmaster, conductor, and musicologist. Nowadays, he is the artistic director of the vocal Ensemble Hilaris, the Czech Radio D dur's external editor and the conductor of University of Economics' choir Musica Oeconomica Pragensis. As a conductor, he appreciates the opportunity to have cooperated with PKF - Prague Philharmonia in concert programmes. All this includes children's workshop series. Furthermore, he writes accompanying texts for concerts, music broadcasting and recording comments. He is devoted to the transcription of music pieces, music modifications as well as organising other musical projects. His greatest enjoyment is making music with people with good heart and a spirit for music.